ISO 21001: 2018 Certification – A Management System for Educational Organizations

As an educator, your goal is to provide quality education to the learners. The course delivery should be in such a way that it is in line with the requirements of the learners. The ISO 21001:2018 Standard is tailormade for the education sector to achieve the goal of delivering quality first education.

The ISO 21001:2018 Standard indicates the need for a Management System for Educational Organizations (EOMS). Through the ISO 21001:2018 Standard educational institutions are able to demonstrate its competence in teaching, learning, and research.

The ISO 21001:2018 Standard helps educational institutions to enhance the satisfaction of learners, teachers, and other members through the effective application of EOMS. The requirements of ISO 21001:2018 Standard are generic and is applicable to any organization that uses a curriculum to support their education system.

Who is the ISO 21001:2018 Standard best-fit for?

The major objective of ISO 21001:2018 Standard is to evaluate if the educational needs of the learners and other beneficiaries are being met. It helps educational organizations to provide educational products and services that are capable of meeting the expected requirements of the associated members.

ISO 21001:2018 Standard is useful for all kinds of education providers. Ranging from kindergarten to higher education as well as vocational training and e-learning services. The ISO 21001:2018 Standard is also applicable to educational departments of large organizations such as professional training departments.

The new ISO Standard is in line with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, enabling organizations to establish an educational management system.

There is a vital contribution of educational institutions in raising awareness about the ISO 21001:2018 Standardization and its benefits. The standard aims at fulfilling the promise of quality education.

What are the Key Benefits of ISO 21001:2018?

The potential benefits of the Management System for Educational Organization (EOMS) are:

  • Better alignment of educational goals and action plans
  • Enable quality education for all
  • Self-learning and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Personalized learning and improvements in special education needs
  • Consistent processes and evaluation tools to increase efficiency
  • Increased credibility of the educational organization

The ISO 21001 Standard Certification will enable the educational institutions to provide a more personalized experience to all learners particularly the special education needs and distance learners.

Where will ISO 21001:2018 Standard bring transformational operational changes?

  • Pre-school, primary, elementary, middle schools, high schools
  • Colleges, universities, vocational education
  • Training, tutoring, coaching centers
  • Training organizations, education/training departments, educational service providers
  • Similar types of educational centers

The ISO 21001:2018 Standard is also used in large organizations for employee training. It helps in contributing effectively to sustainable development, by educating manufacturers about best practice on the use of technologies and the management of processes that affect Socio-economic and environment aspects of the world.

What are the business implications of the ISO 21001:2018 Standard for the educational institutions?

  • Adopting industry best practices and raising the quality of education
  • Increase customer satisfaction as creating transparency in learning services
  • Enhancing the competitive ability of services
  • Continuous improvement through constant monitoring to improve learning processes
  • Global visibility and public trust by ensuring integrity and excellence of learning programs
  • Eliminate redundant services from process and minimize reputational and monetary losses

The ISO 21001:2018 Standard makes available a comprehensive set of practices that are applicable to learning service providers. The ISO 21001:2018 Standard will help build a robust education sector and stimulates innovation and drives economic growth.

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