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Knowledge Management in UAE

ISO 30401: 2018 Certification in UAE

ISO 30401 Certification for Knowledge Management

ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge Management certification (KM Standard) is for organizations who wish to move ahead to excellence in knowledge management.

This standard is also very much applicable to those organizations that are already certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and would now wish to better manage their organizational knowledge.

ISO 30401 standard can be implemented to deliver the optimum performance in any organization using the available resources. The resources and results of the past are identified and put to maximum utilization to benefit the organization.

The ISO 30401 standard describes the procedures for establishing, maintaining and improving the system for Knowledge Management in an organization.

What are the benefits of the Knowledge Management Standard?

In short, the crux of implementing ISO 30401 is to guide organizations to establish a management system for your organization. A system that will enhance business value through knowledge creation and management.

ISO 30401 standard is intended to create sound management principles in order to: -

  •   Guide organization for optimizing the value creation of organizational knowledge
  •   Audit, evaluate and certify such organizations by auditing bodies

Knowledge Management is also closely connected with other disciplines such as:

  •   Information management
  •   Data management
  •   Business intelligence
  •   Customer Relationship Management
  •   Organizational development and training,
  •   Organizational Learning
  •   Human Resource Management
  •   Innovation Management
  •   Risk Management and Quality Management.

Knowledge management culture makes people in an organization confident and empowered to solely act and take decisions on the knowledge acquired.

How do I get certified with the Knowledge Management Standards?

The KM standard indicates that the organization must draft own objectives, processes, and policies. The standard includes a requirement of high level Do’s and Don’ts to which the organization can be audited.

Organizations can undergo an external audit, or use the standards as a business improvement tool to improve their existing knowledge management system and conduct internal audits to assess their current state.

Organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, industry verticals irrespective of the products or services offered could get certified for Knowledge Management. The performance of the organization dramatically improves upon implementation of this standard.

Knowledge Management in the UAE

Knowledge management in the UAE is becoming a key focus area among the private sector. Government of the UAE have been actively following Knowledge Management best practices since a decade and is constantly promoting knowledge sharing practices in the public sector.

Organizations in the UAE are investing in infrastructure and process improvements to harness the untapped knowledge from their employees and database. Companies in the region are continually innovating their business processes to stay ahead in the competition. Knowledge management is a critical and essential component of business excellence.

Knowledge management transforms organizations into a more employee-first entity. It helps in building thought leadership in the industry as well as protect the intellectual capital. Framing a knowledge sharing strategy promotes a healthy business relationship and business growth.

Team Aurion has professional expertise to handle the KM Standard implementation in organization of any size and business structure. The KM Team is headed by Dr. Randhir Pushpa who holds a Doctorate for the same.


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