ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Organizations to Over Come Crisis

The disruptions created by the Covid-19 to organizations are huge. From employees to business operations, it has overturned every aspect of organizational management and operations.

Many traditional businesses are forced to adopt online and technology first practices to stay competitive.

The Quality Management Standard helps organizations to be prepared and adapt more efficiently to the pandemic.

How are ISO 9001:2015 Companies better prepared for Covid-19?

ISO 9001:2015 Certified companies have an edge towards risk management. they manage the organizational operations effectively by identifying vulnerabilities through risk assessment and taking corrective actions.

It also focuses on maintaining employee safety, creating a safer work environment, reducing operational process errors, etc.

Benefits of an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

ISO 9001 Certification ensures quality is maintained across all departmental operations and equip the employees with required resources to overcome any crisis.

Also, customer communication during pandemic time is quite essential and must be done carefully.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Small Business in Dubai

In general, customer communication is an essential component of business success. Customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional customer experience is a major part of the ISO Quality Management System.

Employee competence is an important factor at present to keep the company afloat. The pandemic is leaving many people unhealthy and it will reduce the workforce.

Also, many companies are forced to reduce the workforce due to the economic downturn, but organizations must ensure no roles are left unattended that may affect the overall quality of operations and customer service.

Employees must take up additional responsibilities and have their skills upgraded to stay competitive. It will ultimately result in better productivity in the organization.

Other ISO Standards helpful for companies to strive through the Crisis

1. ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety Standard

ISO 45001:2018 that addresses occupational health and safety and ISO 27001:2013 that focuses on IT Security is two of the must-have standards for companies to sail through the Pandemic crises.

Following a Standard Operating Procedure and enabling employee communication across the organization is crucial to be in better control during a crisis.

ISO Certification Standards provides organizations certain guidelines and framework that employees across the teams can follow uniformly allowing more transparency in communication and process improvements.

2. ISO 27001:2013 Standard – IT Security Management Certification

With the onset of the Pandemic, there is growing concern for data protection and information loss as almost 90% of the global workforce have started working from home.

The employees are using public Wi-Fi and the internet to do their daily office work and are vulnerable to external data hacks and loss of sensitive company formation.

This risk can be greatly addressed by implementing IT Security best practices as per the guidelines from ISO 27001:2018 Standard.

How will ISO Certification Help Organization Over Come Crisis?

1. Robust Operational Processes

ISO Standards for IT Security will enable organizations to implement a robust data backup and recovery process.

It helps to mitigate the risk and reduce the intensity of any potential data hacks.

Similarly, the ISO 9001 Standard requires implementing a Quality Management System that will transform the operational processes of the organization to comply with global best practices and standards.

2. Identify Vulnerabilities and Document the Corrective Actions

The most crucial aspect of ISO Certification Standard implementation is the identification of vulnerabilities.

These gaps existed in your operational systems but were unknown to you until the documentation of the gap analysis was prepared and the corrective actions were implemented accordingly.

Implementing the corrective actions result in enhancing the business productivity of the organization eventually.

3. Well-Structured ISO Certification Process

ISO Certification Process is a staged process that starts with a Gap Analysis, followed by the process improvements, implementation of a QMS System, Internal Audits, Management reviews, External Audit, and finally the issuing of the certificate.

4. Role of an Experienced ISO Consultant

A role of a seasoned ISO Consultant in guiding process improvements, implementing a robust quality management system, and assisting in the ISO Certification is undeniable.

The ISO Consultant along with the organization’s Quality Team and the Top Management are the people behind a successful implementation.

How to Choose the Right ISO Consultants in UAE

Also, employees at all stages of operations must be made aware and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the QMS System.

The organization must practice business operations that are compliant with the international standard to raise Product & Service Quality. It will result in enhancing customer experience thereby resulting in business productivity and profits.

Hence, ISO Certification for an organization especially during a crisis like the Pandemic is super-critical. One must choose the required ISO Certification for the business depending on the specific business activities and the industry sector.

5. Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System (IMS) would be ideal for some industries that would require multiple ISO Certification to streamline their business operations.

IMS helps to gain more control over diverse business processes, and implement quality first processes across various business units in the organization to have a uniform and standardized operating procedure for the whole organization.

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