How do Companies in the UAE secure their Data?

UAE is a growing business hub and has one of the best business infrastructure for doing business. Hackers around the world are constantly watching the companies in UAE to break into their servers.

So, companies operating in the UAE must have a robust strategy to protect their  IT Systems from data attacks. UAE has introduced many measures for curbing cyber attacks. The UAE Government has a special department for handling cybersecurity best practices and implementing IT Security strategies.

UAE is going through a Digital Transformation and data security is an important aspect the country is focusing on heavily. The country is introducing the most modern cyber security measures to protect the rich database available in the UAE servers.

Companies operating in the country are spending large amounts for implementing IT Security applications. The cost of data loss is much beyond the expense of implementing a strong cybersecurity mesh. So, companies are increasingly strengthening their IT security.

Companies Getting Ready for Data Security Implementation

Cybersecurity is an important aspect of every organization. The top management must allocate sufficient funds for enhancing the IT security in an organization. The adoption of data security best practices needs more emphasis. As often, the reputational and financial damage of a security breach is beyond the investment for cyber security assets.

Data Security

Upgrading to the latest IT Security systems and adopting the best data security practices will help organizations keep their data protected from external attacks.

Globally there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals and providing the right training to the IT team and other employees on cyber security is essential.

In UAE, the universities and the Government’s CyberSecurity Department with collective support from IT giants such as Huawei, Microsoft, Oracle, etc., are introducing cybersecurity courses for graduates.

Companies in UAE are getting ready for cyber security software implementation and employ more cyber security professionals in the organization to monitor and secure the database, servers, and IT systems.

Building Cyber Resilience in Dubai

Dubai’s Cyber Security Strategy has four key pillars. A cyber-secure society, a business incubator city for innovation, a resilient cyber city, and an active cyber collaboration.

The Dubai Government’s Cyber Security Strategy aims at innovation, digital infrastructure, and a safe online environment for businesses and customers. Dubai will become a cyber-secure business place by implementing a series of cybersecurity best practices.

Cyber Resilience in Dubai

There are policies and strategies in place to embrace cyber security best practices in the UAE. The National Cyber Security Strategy has many initiatives across the broad sections of cyber security laws, ecosystems, response plans, mitigation plans, partnerships, and more.

How companies can secure their data from Cyber Attacks?

Companies must regularly monitor their business operations and identify the weak links in their system. Across different functionalities allow file sharing with permissions by managing it in a central repository. Thus, it will help to minimize the footprints of the data usage.

Similarly, frequent employee training on cyber security best practices will help in empowering the employees to remain vigilant. There are unique ways cyber attacks can happen in the modern world.

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Now with AI Technology, voice cloning, social engineering, etc., hackers easily gain access to the internal networks of the organization. So, employees must be well aware of all the latest hacking techniques.

Organizations can opt for various ways to secure their data from Cyber Attacks. Storing data in Cloud-based servers of trusted IT Service providers is the most common path most companies are choosing. They pay for the cloud server and file storage service as a subscription model every month.

Alternatively, companies that have in-house IT Specialists can manage secured servers at their premises. These Servers will have cloud support and can be accessed through the organization’s internet access only.

How ISO Cyber Security Certification will help Organizations?

ISO Cyber Security Certification is an essential ISO Standard for all types of Organizations. The Cyber Security Standard has a set of documentation that will help in implementing an IT Security Management System in the organization.

The IT Security Management System will be the central unit. Thus, it will help in the consolidation of all important information into a central system and distribute it based on requirements.

data cyber security

Also, the ISO Cyber Security Standard has a list of best practices and compliance procedures the organization must follow. It will help in mitigating the risk of a potential data attack.

By implementing the IT Security best practices, the IT team will be able to identify the gaps in the existing system and devise corrective measures. To reduce the impact of cyber attacks, all weak links and potential vulnerabilities have to be identified and the right measures have to be taken to fix them.

Cyber Security Software and ISO Cyber Security Standard

Cyber security software such as Internet Security Firewalls, Anti-virus, cloud-based security features, authentications, secured login, etc., must be implemented based on the requirement. IT Consultants and Expert ISO Consultants will guide you in the process of implementing a secure IT System for your organization.

ISO 27001:2013 Certification will help in achieving the objective of securing the organization’s IT System from cyber attacks. By adopting the best practices of IT Security and meeting compliance standards, the organization can keep their vital information secured from any external or internal threats.

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