ISO 41001 Standard – A new ISO Certification for Facility Management Companies in the UAE

Facility Management is an essential component of any organization and is one of the fastest growing professional and operational disciplines worldwide.

Frost & Sullivan has projected that by 2025 the global FM market of outsourced services will be worth USD 1 Trillion.

Even though Facility Management is a popular stream of operations it lacked a common Standard that lays out the industry best practices. The ISO 41001 Standard is the answer to this.

ISO 41001 Standard is aimed at the Facility Management (FM) sector. The ISO 41000 Standard will provide practical guidance on the Facility Management best practices to the employees of the FM companies and other organizations.

It covers the development of a management strategy and operational process to improve the facility management outcomes and user experience.

The ISO 41000 Standard is for organizations that focus on building management or facility management. It helps FM Companies to:

  • Demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of their FM practices
  • Consistently define the requirement of all parties involved in the facility management process.
  • Become sustainable in the competitive environment

Facility Management has a lot more to do with building maintenance. FM is becoming a very important part of every organization. Facility Management is focused to also enhance the experience of the employees working in your company.

How is ISO 41000 Standard vital for Facility Managers?

The scope of Facility Management in organizations is becoming complex, and applying standards or industry best practices helps in simplifying the operations.

The ISO 41000 Standard helps in enhancing brand visibility for the company. It enhances client confidence and helps in the expansion of the business.

The government regulations, legislation related to sustainability, energy usage, and emission standards are increasingly becoming stringent. Hence having ISO 41001 Standard in place helps companies to comply with the best practices.

Implementing ISO 41001 Standard helps to reduce operational risks and reduce the possibility of human error.

Business Benefits of Implementing ISO 41001 Standard

  • Stay ahead in the competition and win more clients
  • Add value to clients by providing a standardized framework defining requirement and goals
  • Measure performance and evaluate business goals
  • Enhance transparency and clarity of work across teams and departments
  • Enhance productivity, save time and reduce cost

ISO 41001 aims to develop an organizational function that integrates people, places, and processes within the built environment. It is focused on improving the quality of life and thereby commercial productivity

The objective of the ISO 41001 Standard is to establish the basic requirements an FM System must meet, i.e.,

  • Health and Safety
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Compliance and Consistency
  • Effectiveness and Cost-efficiency

Facility Management Market in UAE

FM Market in UAE is very price-sensitive and highly competitive. The ISO 41001 Standard is expected to define clear expectations between property management, facility managers as well as building owners and FM Service providers.

In UAE, the Facility Management, Building Maintenance, and MEP (Mechanical Electrical and plumping) sector are very matured and is an essential industry sector supporting the rapid expansion plans of UAE.

The globally accepted ISO 41001 Standard is expected to change the Facility Market of UAE completely.

The ISO Standard helps companies to benchmark themselves with the industry best practices. It, in turn, helps in boosting the productivity and operational efficiency.

In the UAE, the FM Companies that are ISO Certified will be in a favorable position to win new contracts due to enhanced trust and brand value.

The new ISO Standards helps in raising awareness about the Facility Management sector, provide support, and implement effective FM procedures in all industry sectors.

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