ISO 38500:2018 – ISO Standard to Guide Digital Transformation

In the Digital Era, organizations around the world are embracing digital transformation and the latest information technology adoption.

There are new value additions to the technology ecosystem globally and organizations across industry sectors are focusing on new technology and business transformation.

IT Governance Standard – Key Highlights

Many large organizations in the field of IT have become leaders by identifying the right business opportunity, business growth, and value through their proven strategies and operational efficiency.

Technology alone does not get success to an organization it is the business operations, there must be a right blend of both and the leadership support to bring in changes.

IT Governance Standard

Hence for successful digital transformation, it will require certain changes to the people, current system, and the process. The organizational structure has a significant role to play in transforming the organization’s IT Sector.

ISO 38500:2018 Standard – Effective Digital Transformation

ISO 38500:2018 Standard provides an excellent framework for ensuring all checks are covered for a digital transformation. The ISO Standard provides a detailed guideline for the evaluation, direction, and monitoring of key focus areas across the organization’s operations.

Choosing the right technology is part of the corporate strategy to navigate the business through disruptive times. For the organization to move ahead in the right direction, digital transformation is the key.

ISO 38500:2018 Standard emphasizes people management and effective IT governance. It helps in adapting to the digital transformation without compromising on technology.

Companies must be looking at converting themselves 100% digital to keep the overhead costs and management expenses low. Also, the growth of start-ups and new ventures poses a threat to traditional companies.

Scope of Digital Transformation Standard

The Digital Transformation Standard includes a set of process models and methods and techniques, it covers the business operation process, supporting tools, and supporting technologies, for software products and services.

Digital Transformation Standard

The governance of an organization is being overseen by the ISO 38500:2018 standard. It provides the guiding principles for members of governing bodies of organizations. The owners, directors, partners, executive managers, etc., must be aware of the standard compliances.

Who Benefits from the ISO 35800:2018 Standard?

ISO 38500:2018 Standard offers best practices for the governance of the organization’s current and future use of IT including the management and decision making about current and future use of IT.

IT Specialists, external service providers, business units related to the organization must be involved in implementing the standard.

ISO 38500:2018 Standard

The IT Governance Standard applies to all organizations including public and private companies, government organizations, etc. It is aimed at promoting effective, efficient, and acceptable use of IT across all organizations by providing the right guidelines. It helps the organization by:

  • Assuring the stakeholders about all IT practices are compliant with the standard and increase the confidence in the organization’s IT governance
  • Information and guiding the governing body about the best practice of using the IT system in the organization
  • Developing a policy manual for the right use of IT Systems in the organization

Implementing IT Governance

IT Governance Standard is an essential standard for maintaining the overall IT system support, management, and decision-making process. ISO 38500: 2018 Standard comprises of six principles that are:

  • Establish the responsibilities of the organizational teams
  • Plan the IT Support for the organization the most extensive way
  • Ensure the required level of IT governance is maintained
  • Optimize all levels of Organizational IT structures
  • Employee Engagement and Awareness Training on new IT governance Practices

ISO 38500:2018 Standard will help the organization to build the required knowledge and expertise to continuously improve the IT systems. The IT Governance Standard will help organizations to comply with IT governance and secure the workplace.

It helps to build the required skills to manage risks, and identify the use of IT and the opportunities arising from the same. ISO 38500:2018 will help in aligning the business strategy with the technology strategy and advise the company on best practices of IT governance.

Benefits of ISO 38500:2018 Standard

Following are the key benefits of ISO 38500:2018 Standard:

  • Manage the IT Investments properly and improve the performance of the organization
  • Improve the project governance and competitive position of the company
  • Reduce the IT risks and ensure greater project success
  • Safeguard the organization’s IT System through Cybersecurity practices.

The ISO 38500:2018 Certification standard helps the organization to be equipped with the latest IT Governance best practices to safeguard the IT system and protect sensitive company data from any cyber-attacks. Also, it helps in managing the overall IT System more effectively.

ISO 38500:2018 Standard Guidelines

The IT Governance Standard has a series of guidelines to focus that are responsibility, strategy, acquisition, performance, conformance, and human behavior. The Governance standard covers a huge scope which includes:

  • The employee awareness about their responsibilities in managing IT effectively,
  • New business strategies for IT growth in organizations, Performance measurement, and optimization of the IT system
  • Complying with the legislation and regulations of IT and ensure smooth business benefits.
  • Preparing IT policies, practices, and decisions that will respect human behavior and promote people management

The ISO 38500:2018 Standard consists of three parts the scope, framework, and guidance.

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