Which is the right ISO Certification for an IT Organization? – ISO 20000 & ISO 27001

Information Security Management emphasizes the protection of information assets from any potential security breaches.

IT Security is of utmost importance in this fast-paced digital world. IT Security Management includes managing and monitoring all types of information, including paper-based and electronic formats.

IT Management System governs the ways information is processed, stored, transferred, retrieved, and destroyed.

ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 Certification – The Must-Have Standards for IT Organizations

ISO Certification for Information Technology System enables companies to show in public their commitment to the IT Security and Governance, and be known as a trusted brand among the clients and the customers.

In the modern world, companies rely on effective IT Service Management to be productive and competitive in the market.

ISO 20000:2018 Information Technology Service Management Standard

ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management Standard consists of a set of regulations for IT Service providers to ensure data security, consistent service delivery, new technology adoption practices in the organization.

Along with ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 Standards, Quality management System implementation also plays a key role in IT organizations.

Integration of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard Certification

Quality management standards or ISO 9001 certification consist of best practices and processes that are proven, measurable and internationally accepted.

Therefore, overall ISO Certification helps in achieving great cost savings, enhance customer satisfaction and business excellence for organizations.

Key Benefits of ISO 20000: 2018 Information Technology Service Management Standard

The ISO 20000 certification enables to build a culture of continuous improvement and helps define organizational goals that could be achieved via IT system advancements.

Gain higher trusts among clients and be known as the best quality IT Service Provider and offer exceptional service delivery to the customers.

Allow the organization to restructure and realign business processes, responsibilities, procedures based on the best practice highlighted by ISO 20000 Standard.

ISO 20000:2018 Standard – Ensuring Customer Satisfaction, Growing Brand Reputation, and Lower IT Cost

Effective IT Management helps in achieving higher customer satisfaction, grow the brand reputation and lower IT costs.

IT Organizations must be always monitoring the security of the system and data storage. Also, they must be ensuring efficient service delivery and help deliver an enhanced customer experience.

ISO 20000 Certification for enhanced IT Services Management & Governance

IT organizations can look into two prominent ISO Certification Standards to implement best practices followed worldwide in IT Services Management and IT Governance.

The ISO 20000 Standard includes requirements for certain IT Management processes, management systems, continuous improvement of the system, etc.

The role of IT in your organization’s business success is very vital. Hence, to optimize your IT systems getting ISO certified is essential to practice IT system management best practices.

Industries Best Fit for ISO 20000:2018 Information Technology Service Management  Standard

Here is a list of industries that can achieve competitive advantages by getting ISO 20000 Certified:

  • IT Outsourcing
  • Government IT Service Provider
  • Application Service providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks & Retailers

ISO 27001:2017 Information Security Management System Standard

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard consists of guidelines and policies for enforcing IT Security measures in an organization.

It is used by data centers and other high-value organizations such as Banks, Government organizations, Private firms where a large amount of sensitive information is stored and processed on a daily basis.

ISO 27001 has laid out a risk management plan for modern IT organizations to reduce any potential threats of the data breach.

Benefits of Information Security Management System Certification

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from implementing Information Security Management System Certification practices.

Here are a few of the key business benefits from the Information Security Management System for the organization.

1. Meeting Compliance Requirements

ISO 27000 Certification Standard is compliant with the world’s best practices of Information Security Management. 

Being an ISO Certified organization, meeting the compliance requirements is mandatory and has to be a continued practice in the organization to ensure enhance IT Security Management.

2. Reducing the Probability of a Costly Data Breach

The IT Security Management Standard lists our certain steps and procedures to be followed to constantly check the IT System.

The regular maintenance and updates ensure that the chances of a data breach are reduced.

3. Meeting Security Audit Requirements

The ISO Certification awarded after a third-party audit. Hence, the organization has to meet the security audit requirements to get ISO Certified.

4. World-Wide Recognition & Brand Image

ISO 27000 Certification is recognized worldwide and adds to the brand reputation and helps achieve customer & Stakeholder trust.

5. Effective IT Decision Making

ISO 27001 Certification enables an organization to take informed decision making in terms of business process restructuring, technology updates, IT operational controls, etc.

Organizations are constantly trying to deliver quality first products to the right audience to have profitable market value.

ISO Certification and developing a fully integrated IT Service solution will help organizations to achieve operational excellence and reduce potential data breaches.

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