ISO Certification for IT Services in the UAE – Why Should IT Based Company Get ISO Certified?

An organization’s IT Ecosystem plays a vital role in ensuring seamless business operations. It acts as the foundation or a platform where the business is built on in most cases.

Also, the world is evolving dynamically. technology adoption is furthermore important for sustaining growth.

Why Should IT Organizations Get ISO Certification?

ISO Certification is a major benchmark for quality of service and the product offered. The organization must choose their IT vendors and Partners by mandating ISO Certification.

ISO Certifications offer certain best practices. The guidelines are to be followed by the organization to get certified.

Organizations demonstrate quality services that meet ISO quality standards through:

  • The practice of continuous improvement
  • Implementing a Quality Management System.

For IT organizations, ISO Certification is an assurance to the stakeholders. It assures the organization’s data protection, reduces cyber-attacks, and eliminates any vulnerabilities.

The Following standards equip the IT team to secure and monitor the IT ecosystem. It helps organizations to achieve business growth and enhance productivity.

Organizations of any size and nature of the business can adapt to the below IT-related ISO Certifications.

ISO 27001:2018 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification

The Information Security Management System helps in reducing the cyber-attacks.

The ISO 27001:2018 Standard lists out certain process improvements for the organization. It helps in ensuring data protection and securing the system from external data hacks.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

IT Security Management Certification ensures you have the required assets in place. It is not just a technical certification for the IT systems but a risk analysis and action-oriented certification.

An external audit will be conducted upon the successful implementation of the IT Security system.

The authorized ISO Certification body will conduct an audit and will award the ISO 27001 Certification.

ISO 27001 provides control objectives and a risk assessment plan for IT Systems. It is a must-have Certification to protect the cloud computing and software-as-a-service ecosystem.

It includes a detailed checklist of security procedures to ensure the current IT System. The IT best practices are to be followed at every level in the organization.

ISO 20000:2018 IT Service Management Standard Certification

The ISO 20000:2018 Certification lists out a set of management processes. It requires a Service Management System to ensure the effective delivery of services to the customers.

Also, it enables the organization to demonstrate reliability and high quality of service.

The adoption of advanced IT Compliance processes provides:

  • Assurance to clients and other stakeholders on fulfilling their service requirements
  • Save costs from non-conformance of IT-related regulations
  • Compliance to Various Government IT rules and IT regulatory Authorities

Data Privacy Standard – ISO 27701:2019

The ISO 27701:2019 Standard is formulated for addressing personal data protection and privacy.

It requires creating a Management System and the necessary security requirements.

It is focused on securing the use, storage, and processing of Personally Identifiable Information.

The ISO 27701 Certification is tailor-made for organizations that act as a data controller.

List of Industries ISO 27701:2019 is a Must-Have

  • Banks,
  • Hospitals,
  • Real Estate Firms,
  • Any organization that stores, manage, and use customer information during their business operations

The standard lists out guidelines on risk management. It helps in:

  • Protecting the privacy of users
  • Not sharing information without the consent of the customer with a third-party provider.

So the Privacy Information Management System manages organizations’ data collection and usage patterns.

There are a few areas of focus to maintain customer privacy and avoid unauthorized data sharing. They are as follows:

  • Employee Awareness,
  • Information Classification,
  • Data Protection,
  • Request for Consent,
  • Access Management, Encryptions, etc.,

ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Standard certification

The Business Continuity Standard will help organizations to prepare a contingency plan. It will be beneficial for the company for easy recovery from any disruptive incidents.

ISO 22301:2019 Standard is a Risk Assessment based approach. It will empower organizations to respond effectively based on the ISO guideline and policy manuals.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard helps in identifying any gaps in your crisis management plan.

Business Continuity Standard – For Reviving a Company from Unexpected Events

Business Continuity Standard has a crucial role in industry sectors where interruptions have serious consequences. It is a must-have for sectors such as the transportation sector, energy, finance, and telecommunication.

Organizations of any size and business can get ISO 22301 Certification. It will ensure organizations are in the track of all vulnerabilities and have a robust action plan.

It will help in reviving the company in case of any unexpected disruptions or events.

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