Food Safety Management System – What Organizations Must Know?

Food Safety Certification (ISO 22000:2018) is an international standard that defines the requirements of a Food Safety Management System. It is an essential Standard for all organizations in the Food Sector.

The ISO Certification follows a risk-based thinking approach. It is a vital requirement for companies in the Food and Beverages Sector.

Benefits Food Safety Standard in the Organization

Having a Food Safety Management System in place will highly benefit the organization. It helps in many ways to boost the business and gain more customers.

Also, the ISO Standard best practices will ensure food safety and maintain quality throughout. It ensures the company is compliant with the Government regulations of food safety. The Food Management System ensures:

  • Improved control over food safety activities
  • Regulatory compliance and policies for food safety
  • Support market growth by gaining customer confidence
  • Risk Assessment and integration with other ISO Management Systems.
  • Gain international recognition for your business

The Food Safety Management Standard applies to all organizations, regardless of their size and type. All companies that are in the food chain range can benefit from the ISO Certification.

Benefits Food Safety Standard

It is an essential certification for the food sector to ensure all safety objectives are in place. Also, the organization can win more satisfied customers continuously.

Food Safety Management Standard – HACCP Control Checks

The Food Safety Management Standard consists of process control points and hazard checks at various stages of production.  The control points are spread across the supply chain. It aims at introducing transparency across the system and entrusting more responsibility to the teams.

The food safety standard combines the ISO 9001 approach of Quality Management and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point tests. The Certification ensures food safety at all levels.

Hence, organizations that get Certified can demonstrate the ability to control safety hazards and ensure food is safe always. Food Safety is a global concern and it is important to avoid any injury or illness resulting from the consumption of food.

The ISO 20000 Certification is ideal for all kinds of food manufacturing, feedstock developers, storage and distribution of food products, packaging, bottling, packaging materials, and more.

How to get ISO 20000 Certification?

Food Safety Standard is a popular ISO Certification Standard and a must-have Certification for food manufacturing and processing companies. There are a few steps to obtain the food safety standard.

  1. Choose the right Certification body for obtaining the ISO Certificate.
  2. Connect with an experienced ISO Consultant for the ISO Implementation
  3. Conduct Gap Analysis on the current Quality Management System and record the required corrective actions
  4. Create the policy manuals and implement the Food Safety Standard guidelines.  The expert ISO Consultants will assist in implementing the ISO Standard the right way.
  5. Conduct an internal Audit after the implementation to check for any non-compliance.
  6. The Certification body will assess the Quality Management System. Upon meeting the guidelines, the Certification will be issued for the company.

Food Safety Management System – Implications

Food Safety Management System consists of an extensive process that will help organizations review the foodservice and optimize the business functions for enabling food safety throughout the stages of production and distribution.

The scope of the food safety standard applies to all stages of service. It ranges from food item raw material selection, preparation, display, packing, distribution, and preservation of food items.

Scope of Food Safety Standard

The Food Management System will ensure top quality across stages of food production, storage, and distribution. Food safety will ensure serving food to the customers the right way and meeting all safety standards.

For example, in a hotel, food preparation and delivery to customers must meet all the cleanliness and safety standards. Ensure maintaining the food at the right temperature always to keep it fresh. Also, food safety must remain the top priority during packaging too.

Why Food Safety Management System is Essential?

Food Safety Management System is a helpful element for every organization dealing with foodstuffs trading, processing, packaging, etc.

It helps in maintaining the reputation of the company and protects the company. It can easily avoid any potential problem from lack of food service at a restaurant.

The information about the safety standards and best practices is made available to all the employees across teams. It helps in increased efficiency and productivity in every aspect of the restaurant.

Food Safety Standard and Control Points to Check

The Food Safety Standard has control points to check the system for any vulnerabilities. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) analyses possible risks relating to food safety and puts controls in place to mitigate them.

Food Safety Standard

Hence, in a nutshell, the Food Safety Management System helps to analyze and take corrective actions on all vulnerabilities in the organization that will lead to food contamination.

The ISO Consultants will assess all the processes and functionalities of the team and corrective actions will be taken to ensure food safety is always maintained.

Food Safety Standard is a very vital requirement in the food industry as it is a great way to obtain new customers and build trust as a reliable food provider.

To know more about Food Safety Standard and implement the ISO 22000:2018 Certification Standard, talk to our expert ISO Consultants right away!

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