How ISO Consultant helps in achieving 9001:2015 Certification in Dubai?

The role of an ISO Consultant in achieving 9001:2015 Certification is vital. The success of an ISO Certification program is mostly in the hands of the expert ISO Consultant handling the organizations.

ISO Consultant in Dubai is in high demand from organizations across industry sectors. They steer the ISO Certification implementation and help in conducting ISO audits in the organization.

ISO 9001:2015 is one of the most popular management system standards in the world and it helps in implementing a robust QMS (Quality Management System) and ensure product & service quality.

Also, for organizations, achieving customer satisfaction and delivering an exceptional customer experience are the key goals from getting ISO Certification.

How will you identify the right ISO Consultant for your Organization?

The ISO Consultant must be well experienced and competent to implement the ISO Certification the right way.

Lead Auditor in Dubai

As a measure of competence, the organization can look at the ISO 9001 Certificates of the Consultant.

The Consultant must at least get the Lead Auditor/Lead Implementer Certificate. Acquiring these certificates requires good prior knowledge of the ISO Standards.

ISO Consultant in Dubai – Must-Have Expertise

An ISO Consultant in Dubai must have professional expertise in all major ISO Certifications and guidelines of ISO Standards.

The ISO Consultant in Dubai must attend the internal auditor training and few foundation courses to master the Lead Auditor Certification.

As most of the ISO Certification Standards are for delivering projects on time and achieving a specific business goal.

Hence, securing a Project Management Certificate will be highly beneficial for the ISO Consultant.

For the ISO Consultant to propose the corrective actions and easily identify the vulnerabilities, they must be well experienced in the field of ISO Consulting, and this can be achieved by:

1. Working as a Certification Auditor

Conducting certification audits help gain an understanding of the functionality of the ISO Certification Standard and the implementation guidelines.

Working with other ISO Consultants – It helps in learning the implementation methods and acquiring new clients. Also working with other ISO Consultants will expand the business network and opportunities.

2. Working as a Quality Manager

Working as a Quality Manager gives another view of the ISO Certification Approach. It helps in identifying the common pain points in business operations and the expert assistance required.

Also working as a Quality Management System Representative will enable one to understand the ISO Certification implementation and the real-life challenges. It is recommended as a start for most ISO Consultants.

Key Benefits of Hiring an ISO Consultant in Dubai

Following are the key benefits of hiring an ISO Consultant in Dubai.

Organizations that hire the best ISO Consultant in Dubai will see significant process and efficiency in implementing the ISO Certification requirements and principles.

ISO Consultant helps in achieving the business objective of organizations easily and the right way with a minimum spend on overheads.

Role of an ISO Consultant in getting ISO Certified

1. Implement a Quality Management System

ISO Consultant has a vital role in implementing the Quality Management System.

ISO Gap Analysis
ISO Consulting in UAE

The Consultant will conduct a Gap Analysis and identify the vulnerabilities and the possible risk elements in the business process.

They will provide the corrective actions and guide to prepare the Quality Manual documentation in line with the ISO Certification Standard guidelines.

2. Reduce Business Operations Cost

Hiring an expert ISO Consultant is a cost for the organization.

However, if the QMS implementation and Certification Audit is done right, the organization is surely going to benefit from the Certification by boosting the productivity and revenue received. 

An enhance in product quality and service delivery results in great profits for the company in return,

3. Reduce Consumption of Raw Materials

With ISO Certification, the organization could achieve a standardized operation process across the departments and at all levels.

The ISO Certification Manual includes guidelines on all business operations conducted in the organization. The ISO Consultant will devise the required optimizations to the business process to keep the raw material usage low.

Also, the ISO guidelines ensure low energy consumption, maintain occupational health and safety, etc.

4. Streamline Business Operations

ISO Consultants ensure the business operations are streamlined and aligned to the ISO Certification guidelines and requirements.

All processes that are to be corrected will be reviewed and a management review meeting will be conducted to take the required actions. It allows to maintain product quality at all stages and deliver an exceptional product of high quality and consistency.

5. Prepare for ISO Certification Audit

ISO Consultants will assist the organization team to get ready for the external audit of the Certification body.

The ISO internal audit is conducted by the organization team and the ISO Consultant. The Audit checks for compliance with ISO Certification guidelines.

6. Assist in ISO Certification

The ISO Consultants will assist the organization in all stages of the ISO Certification starting from the consulting phase to the certification issuance stage.

ISO Consultants will prepare the ISO Certification documentation and Quality Manual for the organization.

All corrective actions are identified from the business operations and implemented to the QMS. The ISO Consultants will make the organization’s Quality Management System ready for the external audit.

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