Achieving Enhanced Customer Satisfaction – How ISO 9001:2015 Certification will help?

ISO 9001:2015 Certification is the most preferred by organizations especially in the customer service sector to attract and retain customers.

ISO Certification is the benchmark to quality and will help organizations to maintain a level of quality standards and follow international best practices.

Improving the brand image and demonstrating reliability, confidence, and quality is a way to differentiate the brand.

Why Get ISO 9001:2015 Certified?

The compliance with ISO Certification Standards enables a company to demonstrate quality standards and achieve operational efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Key benefits for Organizations

  • Easy Entry into new markets
  • Improve business profitability
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Waste Management and Resource Utilization
  • Employee Training and sustainability
  • Standardize Operations across Geographies
  • Enhanced Resource Utilization and reduce wastage 
  • Reduce process errors, optimize the business operations and save cost

Steps Involved in Getting an ISO 9001:2015 Certification in UAE

ISO 9001;2015 Certification process involves few stages that will enable the organization to follow and comply with the ISO guidelines to get certified.

To meet the requirements specified by the ISO Guidelines and easily get ISO Certified, it is best advisable to get the assistance of an expert ISO Consultant.

Since there are many intricate levels of the process involved in getting an ISO Certification, associating with an ISO Consultant will be of great advantage to the organization.

1. Gap Analysis

To start with, the ISO Consultant will identify vulnerabilities in the current business process and devise corrective actions.

Checking the competence of the existing system and its compliance with the ISO Checklist is essential. The strengths, associated risks, and remedies are recorded at this stage.

2. Documentation

The ISO Certification includes the preparation of Quality Manuals and policies that are in line with the ISO Certification guidelines.

ISO Certification Documentation

Also, the quality manuals help in creating awareness among employees about the corrective actions to be implemented during a breakdown, and the best practices to be followed to optimize the business operations.

3. Employee Training

ISO Certification involves adopting certain best practices and guidelines to improve overall product and service quality. The role of employees in an organization for the success of ISO Certification is undeniable.

It is only through continuous improvements and maintaining the quality standards that an organization achieves excellence.

Hence, employee awareness training is a critical step in the ISO Certification process in an organization.

4. Quality Management System Implementation

A Quality Management System implementation is a crucial component of ISO 9001:2015 Certification. QMS System acts as a control system to the business operations.

The QMS System is 100% compliant with the ISO Certification guidelines. The Quality Management System will effectively streamline the business operations, help reduce wastage, enhanced resource utilization, and more.

ISO 9001 Certification Process Steps

The success of ISO Certification depends on the efficiency of the Quality Management System. The risk factors identified in the system during the gap analysis must be fulfilled by the QMS system.

The compliance of the QMS System with the ISO Certification guidelines is assessed and certified by conducting an ISO Audit on the performance of the QMS System.

5. ISO Audit

ISO Audit can be categorized into two – Internal & External Audit

Internal Audit conducted by the ISO Consultants or the Quality Team of an organization with the assistance of an ISO Consultant, and then the external Audit by the Certification Body who issues the ISO Certification.

During the internal Audit, the QMS System is tested and checked for errors. Any non-conformity in the system will be flagged and corrective actions would be taken.

Before the final audit, all the non-conformities are to be rectified and the QMS System will be 100% compliant with ISO guidelines and framework.

6. Issuance of ISO Certification

ISO Certification is issued to the organization after a thorough audit by the Certification Body.

The Certification Body assess the quality management system, quality manuals, and compliance with the ISO 9001 Certification standards.

The ISO Certification is subject to an annual surveillance audit and the Certification Standard is valid for a period of three-years.

During the annual audits, the compliance of the ISO Standard is checked and confirmed to the extent the ISO Certification status for the company.

ISO Certification and Delivering Customer Satisfaction

ISO Certification enables a company to maintain its production levels at optimum and comply with the ISO regulatory requirements.

Having a Quality Management System in place helps to deliver improved customer satisfaction by following a standardized approach across the organization.

How ISO Certification helps Organization enhance Customer Satisfaction?

ISO Certification increases customer confidence towards a brand. Most companies wish to get associated with a supplier or partner who has an ISO Certified badge.

It is mainly due to the trust, reliability, and standardization of operations process the organization follows consistently.

Improving Customer Satisfaction by measuring Customer Feedback

ISO 9001 Certification has a framework that requires monitoring, reviewing, and analyzing the customer satisfaction levels to take corrective actions during instances of customer requirements not met.

Obtaining Customer Feedback and taking corrective actions is essential for the success of any organization. It helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction of the customers and gain customer trust.

It helps in repeat purchases, lowering customer complaints, and word of mouth marketing. Thus, in a nutshell, ISO Certification helps in delivering a positive customer experience and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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