IT Security Management (Cyber Security Standard) and its Effectiveness in Organization

Cyber Security is a crucial aspect all organizations must consider in their business strategy.

The wide adoption of the internet and employees using internet-connected work-stations in the workplace is further escalating the chances of a cyber-attack.

Why Cyber Security is Essential for Organization?

Hence, it is becoming furthermore important to secure the organization from potential data leaks. Having a Cyber Security System in place helps an organization to:

  • Maintain organizational reputation
  • Keep up the customer trust, and,
  • Comply with government IT security regulations

How Will IT Security Standard help Organizations?

The ISO 27001:2013 Certification Standard secures an organization through the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The organization can use the ISMS System and manage all the security aspects of the various functionalities.

Information Security Management System

The ISO 27001:2013 Certification Standard secures an organization through the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Managing Sensitive Business Information

The organization can use the ISMS System and manage all the security aspects of the various functionalities.

It will also help the organization to secure business information related to:

  • Company Finances
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employee Details
  • Third-Party Client Data, and,
  • Any sensitive organizational information from getting leaked or shared with external sources.

Most organizations prefer to get ISO Certified with IT Security Standard (ISO 27001:2013) to follow the industry best practices.

It also builds customer trust and reassurance that the company follows the ISO guidelines for Cyber Security.

Why an Organization needs a Cybersecurity Framework?

The increasing dependence on the internet is a cause for the frequent Cyber-Attacks in the organization.

Companies must equip themselves with security systems and processes to protect against any data loss and potential data leaks.

The ISO Guidelines help an organization to implement the framework to keep them alert and secure.

Simplifying Control Systems and enhancing efficiency

The Cyber Security Standard simplifies the control systems and helps to effectively manage the risk. It does not insist on complicated implementation procedures and compliance requirements.

ISO 27001:2013 has well-defined guidelines and a framework to follow that can be implemented with minimal system disruptions.

Key Highlights of IT Security Certification Standard

With the ISO 27001:2013, Certification businesses can protect their information as well as their customer’s data effectively.

It assures peace of mind to the business owners as ISO 27001:2013 follows a consistent and internationally recognized approach of Cyber-Security best practices.

Adding Control Points to Secure the IT System

The Cyber Security Standard applies to all types and sizes of the organization. (Commercial, enterprises, government agencies, small and medium sector, and more).

There are many quality checks to be conducted to ensure the data protection across the organization is maintained as per ISO Standard.

For example, deploying and operating an Intrusion Detection System is an essential technology adoption specified by the IT Security Standard.

Achieving Business Sustainability in Organization

Also for sustainable business growth adapting to the latest technology infrastructure is a must-have.

The IT Management System helps an organization to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve organizations IT systems.

In the modern organizational scenario, the Information Technology system is the center for the organization’s sustainability and control base for daily business operations.

Hence, a certification to testify that the IT System is safe and risk-free is an important aspect for building employee confidence as well as customer trust.

How Employees Play a Vital Role in the Success of ISO IT Security Certification?

Right from the top management to the assembly line worker, the business process must be monitored.

The employees across various levels must ensure that the compliance requirements are followed when it comes to information sharing, information access, and managing sensitive organizational information and trade secrets.

Cybersecurity Framework

The Cyber Security mesh created from practicing the ISO 27001:2017 Certification policies helps in identifying risk areas and take the required corrective actions on time.

Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

It will thus secure the entire supply chain from any external Cyber Attacks. The employees at all levels play an equal role in securing the system.

The implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) enables large and small organizations to build the resilience and capability to withstand a potential data hack.

Collaboration with various teams in the organization helps in identifying the risk areas and test the control points for any vulnerabilities.

Cost of Information Technology Management System Implementation (Cyber Security Certification)

The budgeting for a sophisticated Standard like ISO 27001 Standard, one must consider the Certification Cost as well as the actual Implementation Cost of the Standard.

When budgeting for the ISO 27001 Standard there will be a cost involved in getting an experienced ISO Consultant on board for assisting the company to prepare for the certification.

Stages involved in the issuing the Cyber Security Standard

The first stages would be conducting gap analysis, preparing quality manuals and documentation based on the ISO Guidelines, ISMS System Implementation, and Conducting the internal audit to check the compliance with the ISO 27001:2013 checklist.

There will be a further cost for appointing the Certification Body for the final audit to issue the Certification. 

Surveillance Audit and Renewing ISO Certification

Every year there will be a surveillance audit to test for compliance and whether the company is following ISO guidelines during the period.

 Once in 3 years, the certification will be renewed through an audit from the Certification body.

Also, depending on the risks associated with the Information Security Management System, the implementation cost could vary.

The ISMS System must be 100% compliant with the ISO Standard guidelines to get the ISO 27001:2013 Standard awarded to the company.

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