ISO Standards for IT Organizations in UAE – Essential ISO Certifications

ISO Certification is gaining popularity in UAE as it is a quality benchmark towards product & service quality.

Organizations in UAE are aiming at differentiating their product offering by offering quality products and services.

ISO certification has numerous applications across organizations in the field of information technology and sectors that are dependent on large-scale IT-related business operations.

ISO Certification and IT-based Organizations

Certain ISO Certification Standards are a must-have for IT-based organizations to maintain the desired level of compliance and quality management principles to gain customer trust and business growth.

ISO Certification is ideal for organizations that are dependent on IT systems, network supports, data storage, customer privacy protocols, software applications, etc., for their daily business operations.

Getting ISO Certified with the right ISO Standard Certification helps the organization safeguard the systems from vulnerabilities and data loss.

Scope of ISO Certifications in UAE

ISO Certification in UAE is dealt with great importance by companies and the Government departments in issuing contracts for strategic projects in UAE.

There is intense competition in UAE across industry sectors and the scope of ISO Certifications in the UAE is wide.

Organizations’ business processes require multiple ISO Certification Standards to maintain compliance and achieve desired business results.

Why Organizations Require Multiple ISO Certifications?

For example, an IT organization that is managing customer information will require ISO 9001:2015 Standard to maintain the quality guidelines and provide the required customer experience.

Also, to deliver quality service and enhance customer satisfaction through quality products & services the ISO 9001 Standard is beneficial for organizations.

ISO Certification and handling Customer Complaints

It also helps organizations to improve the way they handle customer complaints and queries too.

IT Certification Standard in UAE

Similarly, to avoid any data breach or risk of hacking, the ISO 27001:2013 Standard enables the implementation of a Cyber Security System.

Hence the scope of ISO Certifications in organizations is wide and dependent on the business activity and complications in their business operations.

ISO Certifications for an IT organization

Let us look at the various ISO Certification Standards that are specifically developed for Information Technology

1. ISO 27001:2013 IT Security Standard

The IT Security Standard (Cyber Security) is a vital ISO Certification for organizations of all business categories or sizes must consider.

It helps in safeguarding organizations’ IT systems from potential risks of information loss and attacks from hackers.

The ISO 27001:2013 Standard requires the organization to implement an IT Security System. It ensures whether the IT System meets all the guidelines specified by the ISO Standard.

ISO Cyber Security Standard Process Approach

The IT Security Standard follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act and has a well-defined framework.

It ensures all control points of the organization’s IT system is checked for compliance and follow the ISO Certification guidelines.

The ISO 27001:2013 Certification helps in identifying potential risk elements involved in the IT System of an organization and provides policies for the quality team to take the required corrective actions.

2. ISO 20000:2018 IT Service Management Standard

The IT Services Management Standard requires to follow certain standard policies and procedures by the organization to establish, implement, and maintain a Service Management System.

The ISO Standard further insists organizations practice continuous improvements in the system.

It also insists to prepare a standard operating procedure to ensure all service requirements follow the IT Service Management Standard and deliver value to the organizations.

Who must consider ISO 20000:2018 Standard implementation?

  • IT organizations rendering IT services to customers such as data sharing, hosting, networking solutions, etc.
  • IT Service Providers, IT product resellers, software developers, and more.

3. ISO 27701:2018 Data Privacy Standard

The Data Privacy Standard provides guidelines to ensure the protection of privacy. It also insists organizations on how they should collect, store and manage employee’s personal information.

The Data Privacy Standard helps in assuring transparency among stakeholders in your organization and build trust as an IT Service Provider.

Business Continuity Management System

ISO 27701 Standard applies to all types and sizes of organizations including private and public companies, government organizations, non-profit organizations.

Maintaining data privacy in organizations helps in combating cybersecurity and avoid data hacks.

4. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard

Quality Management System helps the organization to demonstrate their compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

It helps IT organizations to implement a Quality Management System. The QMS system will help the organization to standardize product delivery.

It also provides operating principles starting from designing the software application to product development.

Quality Management System and Organizational Improvements

It also provides best practices for the organization to improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction. 

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Standard also provides guidelines for conducting customer surveys and receiving feedback to improve the software products accordingly.

Also, the organizations can develop standard operating procedures for their business operations to deliver quality products consistently and follow a standard operating procedure in their business operations.

5. ISO 22301:2018 ISO Business Continuity Management Standard

The Business Continuity Standard is a crucial standard for IT organizations to improve their business management system to protect them from any disruptions when arise.

It helps in reducing the likelihood of a complete system breakdown and protects against and prepares to respond and recover from sudden outages such as a power shortage, war, wildfire, blizzards, etc.

The business continuity standard helps in contingency planning and disaster recovery through information technology-driven responses.

It helps organizations to demonstrate the industry best practices as indicated by the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard guidelines and achieve long-term sustainability in business.

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