4 Must-Have ISO Certification for Hotel, Restaurants, and Leisure Services

ISO Certification in the hospitality sector is an essential requirement to maintain the overall service quality and enhance customer satisfaction. There are a few ISO Certification Standards that will be helpful in the hospitality sector to measure their service excellence and other business parameters.

Which ISO Certifications are ideal for Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure Services?

There are few ISO Certification Standards that will be helpful for the hospitality sector.

1. ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 Standard helps the hotel industry to standardize their overall business operations, guest management, and service functions.

2. ISO 22000: 2018 Certification – Food Safety Management System

The Food and Safety Management Standard is an essential standard to maintain the hotel kitchen and dining in world-class standards. It helps to gain a brand image and enhance the perceived value of the guests.

3. ISO 14001:2015 Certification – Environmental Management System

Hotels must be compliant with the environmental laws and implementing the Environmental Management System Standard will ensure the hotel is fully compliant with the environmental safety practices.

4. ISO 45001:2018 Certification – Occupational Safety Standard

Employee workplace safety standard is an essential ISO Certification every hotel must implement. It helps in keeping workplace incidents low and ensures protection to the staff from any workplace-related hazards.

What are the factors that determine success in the hospitality sector?

The hospitality Sector is largely people oriented and experience-driven. To succeed in the crowded marketplace and stay ahead in the competition, achieving customer loyalty is essential. ISO Certification ensures guarantee in customer experience and delivering the right customer experience to the guests.

Three Main Factors that determine success in the hospitality sector are:

1. Customer Expectation

Customer expectation is an important element in the hospitality industry. Customers have a certain expectation of how they will be taken care of in a restaurant, hotel, or leisure center. It could be based on multiple sources of information or their prior knowledge, etc.

ISO for hospitality sector

Hence, the hotel management must be ready with the actions that will exceed the customer’s expectation. It will ensure the visitors are turned to a repeat customer.

2. Perceived Value

The visitor to a hotel will have a certain value of the services and amenities the hotel is providing to the guests as a brand. The guest might have a perceived value for the hotel brand from the advertisements, hotel website, social media posts, etc.

The Hotel must strive to keep the brand’s perceived value high always. The hotelier must be consistent in delivering the services with what is being advertised and treat the customer with priority.

3. Quality Levels

There are certain quality levels the hoteliers must maintain to get repeat customers and steady business. ISO Certifications play a great role in maintaining a consistent quality Level across the hotel’s operations and guest management.

Implementing a Quality Management system will help in standardizing the hotel operations and list down certain standard procedures to treat the guest, provide service, arrange the room, and other amenities, and more.

Benefits of getting ISO Certification for the hospitality sector

There are numerous benefits in getting an ISO Certification for the hospitality sector. It will help in the overall business growth and profitability of the hotel.

1. Promoting the Best Practices

ISO Certification is a globally accepted best practice for standardizing business operations and processes. It helps an organization to benchmark its business operations with the internationally accepted best practices.

ISO Certification for Hotel

The Certifications will help the organization to cater to all the compliance requirements and protect the operational environment, health and safety of employees, food safety, IT systems, and more.

2. Enhance Productivity Among Hotel Staff

The ISO Certifications have clear objectives, scope, and documentation of the daily work progress and operations. It helps the employees to follow a certain set of procedures and log their work records.

ISO Certification Standards insists on preparing a policy, operations manual, and performance measurement system for the employees to track and monitor their work. Thus, enhancing workplace productivity.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

There are specialized modules in ISO 9001:2015 Certification for customer management and ways to enhance customer satisfaction, the hotel staff can follow the set of guidelines to ensure the guests are treated the right way.

The constant feedback and best practices of customer management ensure all the customer requirements are met. Reducing customer complaints are a key focus area of ISO Certification standard implementation.

4. Enhance Business Profitability

ISO Certification involves continuous improvements to the process and operational workflow. It motivates employees to work productively and engage more customers effectively.

Customer satisfaction helps in driving repeat customers to a hotel that will have a positive impact on the bottom line. Hence, following a set of guidelines from the ISO Certifications will help in enhancing the overall business profitability of the hotel or leisure center.

5. New Market Opportunities

ISO Certifications will help the hotel to establish a standardized operational procedure across all functionalities and empower the employees to treat the guests the right way.

Customer Satisfaction

It helps in easily expanding to new markets by keeping the similar consistency in operations across all-new locations. Thereby, emerging as an international group.

6. Team Management

ISO Certifications help in effectively managing the team across different functionalities. The Certification Standards provide certain guidelines for team management to ensure the desired work level productivity is achieved.

The success of a service industry is dependent on the employees attending to the customers. ISO Certification will empower them with the best practices to keep the customers engaged and turn them for a repeat purchase.

Hence, in a nutshell, ISO Certification is an essential element for hotel industries to demonstrate their quality excellence and implement standard operating procedures to achieve business productivity and growth at the same time enhance the customer experience.

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