IT Services Management Certification – What Organizations Must Know

ISO 20000 Certification is an important ISO Standard in the IT Sector. Companies operating in the IT sector must have a robust Service Management System. It will help in planning the IT Services delivery much more efficiently.

The ISO 20000 Certification will help organizations implement the IT Services Management System (ITSMS). There is huge competition in the IT Sector and IT Organizations are constantly working with new technology.

Having an IT Services Management System in place helps to comply with the service delivery guidelines more effectively. By following the ITSMS Framework, the organization can speed up their services delivery at the same time increase the quality of operations.

What is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 Certification is a popular Standard for IT Companies that are in the Software Services Business. The ISO Standard aims at improving their business operations and quality standards. The ISO Standard provides guidelines to develop an Information Technology Services Management System (ITSMS) for companies.

All companies in the IT Sector can get the ISO 20000 Certification. It is ideal for those working in software development, IT Consultancy, IT project management, etc. Companies can define their operating procedures more effectively by following ISO 20000 Standard guidelines.

The ITSMS System will streamline IT operations and speed up the IT project delivery. Also, ISO 20000 Standard will help in reducing IT System attacks from external sources. It is beneficial for an IT Company to get the ISO 20000:2018 Certification.

ISO 20000 Standard – What Organization Must Know?

There are a few advantages for the IT organization in getting the ISO 20000 Standard. It helps in enhancing the quality of the overall service delivery. There are various aspects where the ISO 20000 Standard helps the organization.

1. Enhance Operational Productivity

Having a proper IT Service Management System in place enables IT Services companies to achieve high productivity. The standardized operations will ensure there is no duplication of work.

Also, the ITSMS System will help in centrally coordinating business operations. So, it will help in enhancing operational productivity by equipping employees with the right information and process flows.

2. Gain Customer Trust

The IT Service Management System will help companies to fast-track their IT project delivery. It will result in gaining high customer trust. The company will be able to adopt the best practices for IT service management.

The ISO 20000 Certification helps in better addressing customer complaints. Having the ISO 20000 Standard help in customer retention and enhancing the overall quality of the operations of an IT Company.

3. Continuous Improvement

The IT Services can benchmark their quality standards and business process excellence by getting the ISO 20000 Certification. The Service Levels of an IT company will improve significantly by complying with the ISO 20000 Standards.

It will help the organization to check for all non-conformances and remove inefficiencies. It is a continuous improvement process for IT Services Companies. Getting the IT Services Management System Standard will help the employees to develop the Service Level Standards of high level.

4. Industry Expertise

Getting IT System Management Certification Standard is beneficial for organizations to gain a reputation in the IT sector. It will help them be industry experts and a leader in their businesses.

Getting ISO 20000 certification will enhance the confidence of suppliers, investors, and partners to work with you. It opens up new business opportunities for the company and gets contracts from the government and large corporations.

5. Legal Compliance

There are many legal compliances that IT Companies must adhere to while operating their business. There are security regulations such as the PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Each country had specific IT Laws and companies must comply with those. For example, in Europe, there is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that companies must always keep in mind while initiating marketing efforts.

ITSMS System Implementation – Things to Know

The organizational goals of service delivery must align with the IT Services Management best practices. The Service Management System (SMS) follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act.  The expert ISO Consultants will help in implementing the IT Management System.

They will guide in establishing the scope of service management and prepare the documentation. There are specific areas such as budgets, resource utilization, employee management, etc. to focus on for the ISO consultants.

The ISO Consultants must create a Standard Policy Manual compliant with the ISO 20000 guidelines and implementation toolkit. Identify vulnerabilities in the IT System and devise mechanisms to mitigate the risks.

Conduct frequent management review meetings and periodically review the IT Services Management System. Conduct scheduled audits and create a service improvement plan. Check for all non-conformities and compliant requirements.

Once the IT Services Management System Standard is in place. Conduct the external audit from the Certification Body for the final ISO 20000 Certification.

In conclusion, getting certified with ISO 20000 and implementing the ITSMS System will have significant benefits for the IT organization. It will enhance their Service Quality Standards and help gain customer trust.

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