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Data Privacy Standards in UAE

ISO 27701 - Privacy Information Management System (ISMS)

Data Privacy Standards in UAE

ISO 27701:2020 Standard requires implementing a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). It is built on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001, the Information Management System, and the code of practice for Information Security Controls in ISO/IEC 27002.

So, if you have already implemented ISO 27001 Standard, the ISO 27701 Certification is an extension to your security efforts to cover the Privacy Management aspect.

Who is ISO 27701:2020 best fit for?

Organizations of all sizes and types, including public, private companies, and government entities can implement the Privacy Information Management System certification. It helps organizations address specific privacy risks and information protection of the shareholders.

Companies that deal with strategic information, customer's sensitive information, personal finance documents, other identification documents, must have ISO 27701:2020 in place. It helps in formulating a structured Information Protection Policy that is compliant with the ISO regulations. Also, complying with the guidelines issued by other privacy protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), etc.

Key Benefits for Business from Implementing ISO 27701:2020 Certification

ISO 27701 Certification in UAE
  •   Gain trust among the customers and employees by demonstrating assured information protection
  •   Compliant to global privacy standards such as the GDPR and other regional privacy regulations
  •   Enhance internal competence and streamline the process to avoid breaches
  •   Enabling transparency in the management of privacy adhering to ISO guidelines
  •   Easily integrate with Information Security Standard (ISO 27001).
  •   Formulate robust privacy policies that protect stakeholder privacy and protect personal information from hacks

ISO 27701:2020 Certification Process?

The ISO 27701 Certification is an extension to the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001 Certification).

The broad steps involved in the Certification Process is the following:

  •   Gap Analysis to check the readiness of the information security management system for Certification
  •   Awareness training for ISO/IEC 27701 Certification
  •   Certification Audit by the Certification body
  •   Issuance of ISO Certification provided the Privacy Information Management System is compliant with ISO 27701 Standard requirements.

In line with the Privacy Information Management and Information Protection of consumers, there is a newly developed standard specifically for Online Privacy Notices and Consent. This Standard aims at protecting the online privacy of consumers while using the internet and other internet-connected devices.

ISO 29184:2020 Certification Standard - Information Technology - Online Privacy Notices and Consent

ISO 29184:2020 Standard provides the guidelines for protecting Online Privacy and Consent. The quality manual describes best practices and clauses for formulating the content and structure of Online Privacy Notices.

The Standard also aims at streamlining the areas of asking consent for information collection of personally identifiable information via online space.

Online Information Protection and ISO 29184:2020 Certification

The growth of high-speed internet and smartphone, wearables, and other connected devices have made information transfer easy and vulnerable at the same time. As the number of devices connected and exchanging information is increasing, the threat to collecting personal information is also rising.

The connected devices, collect and process a large amount of personal data that are categorized into geographic, demographics, interest levels, biometric data, personal identification documents, etc. There is a high risk of marketing products to consumers using this data by companies without consumer consent.

How will ISO 29184:2020 help Online Consumers from protecting their Privacy?

The ISO 29184:2020 provides a set of guidelines to protect consumer interest and avoid the use of personal information without consent by marketers.

ISO 29184:2020 Standard is implemented to address areas such as:

  •   Asking for the consent and choice
  •   Transparency in saving personal information
  •   Notice of requesting consent and privacy policies

In the online space, people are not comfortable about information collection and use of personally identifiable information.

So, ISO 29184:2020 will provide clarity and reassurance on how the information must be stored, processed, and to be used by companies.

ISO 29184:2020 requires companies to provide all required information to the consumers about the:

  •   Information collection and privacy policy
  •   How the collected data will be used?
  •   Enable consumers to withdraw their consent any time, thereby protecting the privacy of the online user

Why ISO 29184:2020 is a must-have Certification?

Privacy Protection is increasingly becoming a crucial area to focus as the world is getting connected faster. To protect the privacy of customers and avoid fraudulent activities online, a well-defined Privacy Policy and Information Protection System has to be in place.

To adhere to the new privacy regulations such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the organizations handling online customer information have to be ISO 29184:2020 certified.

ISO 29184:2020 Certification will raise the trust for your brand among the customers and well as government regulatory authorities. The risk involved in leaking out of personally identifiable information is crucial. Hence, adhering to regulatory compliance to the fullest is essential. Organizations must have the right quality process, information security systems, procedures, and guidelines in place.

How AURION will assist you?

Our team of ISO Experts will assist you in the ISO 27001:2022, 27701:2020 & ISO 29184:2020 Certification, implementation, training, and auditing.

Based on your organization's business operations, employee size, current quality system implementations, we will handhold you throughout the certification process and beyond.

To know more about ISO 27701:2020 & ISO 29184:2020 Certification, talk to our expert ISO Consultants right away!

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