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GMP Certification in UAE

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

GMP Certification in UAE

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system to ensure products are consistently monitored and adhering to quality standards. Also, ensure the continuous production of standardized products by a manufacturing unit.

A GMP Certification aims to create a system to eliminate the risk of product failure at the final stage. The Scope of GMP covers all aspects of production starting from material procurement, manufacturing line, equipment’s used, employee training, and workplace safety.

GMP Certification requires extensive documentation of all best quality practices and corrective actions required across various units of manufacturing to ensure 100% product quality. GMP Certificate is mainly issued for items in the medical, food, and cosmetics sector which involve human consumption and usage.

GMP Certification in Dubai - Benefits

  •   Enhances the organization's capabilities in product quality, safety assurance, workplace safety
  •   Employee engagement and improve worker productivity
  •   Reduce safety risks and human errors
  •   Comply with specific laws and regulations related to food safety and health.
  •   Enhance brand image and credibility aiming shareholders

GMP Certification - Key Highlights

GMP Certification in Dubai is mainly in demand for Pharmaceutical Companies, Food Processing Companies, and Cosmetic Manufacturers operating in Dubai. The GMP Certification is aimed at reducing the risk involved in pharmaceutical products that could not be eliminated through final product testing.

GMP Certificate best practices will help in identifying cross contaminations/ mix-ups and false labeling. Since, GMP Certification complies with WHO Guidelines and Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, it could be a strong point while looking at importing your drugs or medicines made to the overseas market.

The documentation covers a wide range of scope including record-keeping, sanitation practices, employee training, equipment verification, process validation, and complaint handling.

Good Manufacturing Practice Certification in Dubai – Pharmaceutical Companies

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate in Dubai is issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention to companies in the Medical & Pharmaceutical fields in the UAE. The GMP Certificate in Dubai is proof of compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards followed by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

Organizations in the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare sectors, including their buildings, environment, methods of documentation, work procedures, after-sale services, etc. will be streamlined to ensure quality control and adherence to safety regulations.

Good Manufacturing Practice Certification in Dubai - Procedures and Steps [For Pharmaceutical Companies]

The issuance of the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate in Dubai is a relatively straight forward process. The Application submission, fee payment, and issuance are all governed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in Dubai

  •   Apply for the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate & pay the fees
  •   Arrange for conducting an inspection, the report will be reviewed and the documents will be checked
  •   The GMP Certificate will be issued if approved and the documents submitted are legit.

Required Documents

A written request for an inspection of the manufacturing site should be addressed to the Drug Department.

Conditions and Requirements

  •   The GCC and WHO Standards are applied.
  •   The final report including the approval certificate will be issued by the head of the Drug Department, Dubai.
  •   There would be re-inspection required if any comments are reported.

Good Manufacturing Practices Certification in Dubai for Food Manufacturers

Along with ISO 22000 and HACCP Certification., a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate will add a competitive edge for the Food Manufacturers in UAE. Food Safety Assurance and quality processing is an important requirement for consumers today.

GMP Certification is an add-on to the food safety management system. It aims at raising consumer confidence and suppliers' trust.

Many Food Processing units and Manufacturers have implemented the GMP Certification. Then implement ISO Certifications such as the Quality Management Standard, ISO 22000, and HACCP to add to the quality and to ensure food safety.

Aurion will assist you in getting a GMP Certificate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah as well as ISO & HACCP Certifications for your food manufacturing and the processing unit. Talk to our expert ISO Consultants to know more.

ISO 22716:2007 - Cosmetics GMP Certification in Dubai

ISO 22716 Certification is an international standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the cosmetic manufacturing industry. The standards list s down the guidelines of applying GMP in a facility that produces finished cosmetic products.

The aim is to maintain and enhance product quality, also ensure the human, technical, and administrative factors are monitored and not affecting product quality by any means.

ISO 22716 Certification in UAE covers manufacturing processes, packaging specifications, product testing, and storage & Transportation. The research & development, employee safety involved in the production, as well as the final distribution is out of the ISO 22716 scope.

Key benefits of ISO 22716 Certification in UAE

  •   Enhance the quality and safety standards of the cosmetic manufacturing unit’s supply chain
  •   Reduce risk and hazards in the manufacturing products, practice continuous improvements
  •   Adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements of WHO, FDA, other government regulations

How Aurion will guide you?

Our team of expert ISO Consultants will guide you through the GMP Certification Process and ensure you have a hassle-free issuance of GMP Certification for your company.

We will also provide you ample support in terms of implementation of the latest best practices listed in GMP Certification guidelines, and also ISO Certification Consulting and Certification assistance.

Reach out to our expert ISO Consultants, right away!

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